SPLAT September Update

I am pleased to announce that SPLAT will be partnering yet again with Grassroots Acoustica to help raise money and awareness for SPLAT. For those of you who do not know, Grassroots Acoustica is a group of talented musicians dedicated to performing for free in order to help local Los Angeles charities. This event will take place on Saturday, November 9th at the Talking Stick Lounge. I am honored to be able keep this relationship with Grassroots Acoustica and am excited for another great night of music and fun! On a separate note, SPLAT continues to go well and I am currently researching homeless shelters near all of the colleges I may attend. The prospect of opening SPLAT up in another state next year greatly excites me and brings me one step further to my ultimate goal of increasing computer literacy all around the country!

August Update

Hello all! I apologize for keeping everyone out of the loop, however I can assure you big news is (hopefully) on the way! Within the next couple of months I am planning to be able to announce some very exciting news for SPLAT’s future. As I enter my senior year of high school SPLAT remains at the forefront of my mind and ambitions. I am pleased to announce that Grassroots Acoustica will again be holding a benefit concert for SPLAT at the “Talking Stick” Coffee Shop in Venice, California. I would like to thank Grassroots Acoustica for their continued support of SPLAT and all local Los Angeles charities.
As the years have gone by I have watched an idea that formulated in my mind back in sixth grade reach greater heights than I could ever image. I am so fortunate to be able and help as many people as I have. None of this, however, would be possible without all the generous donations I have and continue to receive. Thank you again to anyone who has either helped spread the word about SPLAT or donated to SPLAT; I couldn’t have done it without you!

June Update

It has been a very exciting month for SPLAT. I have given away 5 computers to deserving SPLAT students who just finished their five month course. I am so proud of not only the computer knowledge they gained, but also their maturity over the previous five months. I am excited to meet my new group of SPLAT students next week. In other news, I recently won two school awards for my charitable acts. I won the Junior Community Service award as well as the Global Responsibility award. I am honored to win these awards and will continue to live up to their expectations. To anyone has helped my dream of SPLAT come true thank you so much, I couldn’t have done it without you!

May Update

As the school year comes to an end so does a session for SPLAT students in Saint Paul. THe Neighborhood House SPLAT location, led by Chris Porter, is going to give away five laptops in the upcoming weeks. I have taught these kids myself and I can confidently say that these kids will all greatly benefit by having laptops. After this group of SPLAT students receive their laptops it is on to the next group who will start in approximately three weeks. SPLAT is doing just as well outside of the neighborhood house in its two other locations, Minneapolis (People Serving People) and Los Angeles (Los Angeles Family Housing). I fully expect it to be an exciting for SPLAT and will update everyone when news arrives!

SPLAT- April Update

As the snow continues in Minnesota, so does SPLAT. SPLAT has been doing very well recently both in Minnesota and Los Angeles. My new associate in Minnesota, Chris Porter, has been doing an excellent job in one of my Minnesota location. My west coast manager, Walker Reinfeld, has also been doing a terrific job in Los Angeles. I am planning on applying to CNN’s “heroes” segment to hopefully raise some awareness for SPLAT. Other than that, all has been going well and I hope to come back with some exciting news soon!

SPLAT March Update

After the exciting news of last month SPLAT continues to serve its mission to teach children the magic of the computer. As I am delving deeper into my college search I continue to look at how I could get SPLAT involved in my college community. Although I am only a Junior the possibility of further expanding SPLAT deeply excites me. I would also like to introduce a new member to the SPLAT team, Chris Porter. Chris Porter is a Junior at Mounds Park Academy in Minnesota who will join me and Walker Reinfeld as SPLAT’s tutors. Chris Porter will begin his preliminary training with me this week before becoming the chief volunteer for SPLAT’s Neighborhood House location. This is an exciting time for SPLAT with boundless opportunities for deserving kids!

February Update

I am pleased to announce some very big news for SPLAT! I have recently been honored with the Volunteers of America award, signed by none other than the President himself. This is an honor that I received in 2008 as well and I cannot truly express my gratitude to everyone who has helped SPLAT and I throughout the years, thank you so much! Other exciting news from SPLAT is that a new class of 5 children have just received their new laptops as they have completed the program. SPLAT is doing better than ever and I expect for it to be a great year! SPLAT may be looking for a volunteer in the twin cities area; so if you have any interest please email me at, mguggs@ymail.com

January Update

SPLAT has been incredibly since the dawn of the new year. I continue to tutor two weekly classes of SPLAT here in Minnesota while my west coast manager, Walker Reinfeld, continues to teach at SPLAT’s original location in Los Angeles. I would like to thank everyone who has donated laptops, money, or even a word of advice for SPLAT, every bit helps! There may be some big news coming within the next couple of weeks so stay tuned!

December Update

I apologize for not updating in the previous months but unfortunately SPLAT’s website had been having some technical malfunctions. Despite the website’s problems however, SPLAT has been doing extremely well. I was recently introduced into the 2012 Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine’s Volunteer Hall of Fame for my work with SPLAT. I am honored to be brought in to this prestigious group and would like to thank everyone that made this possible! SPLAT has and will continue to help children in need in the Twin Cities and Los Angeles areas.

September Update

SPLAT is doing very well and has been very busy as of late. SPLAT will officially start up its third location in the twin cities this thursday as its partnership with Families Moving Forward(FMF) officially begins! I am incredibly excited for this new opportunity to teach children the joys and opportunities that come with a laptop. I am also pleased to announce that I will be featured in the October issue of the Minneapolis St.Paul Magazine for the volunteer “hall of fame” section. I would like to thank everyone who has helped me and SPLAT continue our goal and it is because of you that we are achieving this success! I have also applied for the TED My Prize Wish which will give one lucky winner a one million dollar grant. I am optimistic about our chances and will give you more updates on this as soon as they come. Also, be sure to like S.P.L.A.T on¬†Facebook¬†where updates and photos are posted along with updates. Thanks again everyone!